Wireless networks have gone from being an option to an essential means of communication in any industry, and the advance of technology to support this growth offers more and more frameworks for productivity, security, speed, and user density.

Today we are talking about a new802.11ax standard, or better known as WIFI6, with which we can have greater speed, greater user density, and battery savings in users’ devices.

Additionally, by using analytics on the network we can obtain valuable information about our clients, location, visit time, etc. Therefore now a wireless network will go from being an expense to a potential source of income for the company.


  • With Centralized Management you can smoothly manage Wi-Fi limitations on the entire campus and the networks distributed on multiple sites from a single pane.
  • Location analysis. Reveals powerful metrics like the visitor capture rate, the visit time of users, and repeat visits by hearing the wireless devices.
  • Hi-capacity Wi-Fi 6. RF optimization with spectrum analysis in real time allows for a high-yield wireless connection in dense and demanding environments.
  • Firewall based on identity. Automatically assign traffic and firewall configuration rules, VLAN labels, and broadband limits to enforce adequate policies for each type of user.

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