Don’t miss even one of your meetings with Management of virtual videoconferences

Today in the business communication environment videoconferencing is one of the most used tools. Its potential to improve the company’s productivity and the best relationship with clients and providers makes this type of software have a great margin of growth.

Using technology in companies, with the objective of improving the relationships between work teams, both internal and with clients, and the productivity of them, has been a common factor in all types of professional sectors. Solution for local virtual videoconferences is one of the most used tools, still in growth, they have been technological solutions par excellence for your virtual meetings. The principal use is focused on the company-client meetings or those that the partners of the company hold in an easy and secure way.

Your conferences will be intuitive, manageable, and of company quality, with help from Cisco solutions you may implement telepresence video calls at a large scale and local videoconferences and in the cloud quickly and simply with our management solutions for your meetings. Join meetings from any mobile or desktop device, or room equipped with video, whatever the case may be, you may manage your meetings in a simple and agile way.



  • Supply videoconferences on a large-scale
  • Centralized administration of resources
  • Very easy integration with different devices
  • Flexibility of growth and scheduling
  • Unification of video platforms
  • Management of centralized users

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