Connext offers Cisco Meraki MX security equipment that may be installed in minutes, thanks to its 100% centralized architecture from the cloud, ideal for organizations with a large number of distributed locations.

Among the main security characteristics that they include are next-generation firewall, web search filter, content filter, WAN optimization, prevention of intrusions based on SNORT, storage on web cache, WAN ports, and ports for failures in WAN links.

Through the use of SD-WAN you can handle the conductivity of your branches with automatic redundancy frameworks and communication intelligence based on the applications. With the functionality of Auto-VPN you set up your network in seconds and with practice management, you can roll out your entire WAN network, with security, intelligence, and high availability in only a few minutes.


  • Greater security with incorporation of Cisco Umbrella licensing.
  • Control of applications, users, and devices.
  • Centralized management based on the cloud with administration from a single point.
  • Automatic and centralized firmware updates and new functionalities.
  • Management of WAN links in a dynamic, intelligent, and redundant manner, deployable in minutes.
  • High level of protection and detection of intrusions.
  • Visibility of users, applications, attacks presented, and resolution actions.

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