Connext offers the access solution defined by Cisco software (SD-Access), which allows for having a unique network structure, from the perimeter to the cloud.

You may set up automation based on the policies for users, devices, and things. With reduction of operational costs in the long term, centralized administration, provisioning on demand, and network flexibility, Cisco SD-Access will provide you with operational and strategic advantages over traditional company networks.


  • Segmentation from end to end. Helps to protect your organization and achieve regulatory compliance with segmentation from end to end. Keeps user traffic, devices, and applications separate without redesigning the network.
  • Improved work experience. Automates the user access policy. Apply the correct policies for users or devices to any application on the network.
  • Operational effectiveness. Facilitates a coherent user experience anywhere, without commitment, with a unique network fabric.
  • Commercial perspectives. Incorporates IoT within the IT network. Expands your business beyond traditional networks.

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