Begin to have a real visibility about the status of your computer equipment and mobile devices, from a console that allows you to set profiles to control and manage resources, as well as set adequate policies for use of the network and corporate services from equipment property of third parties.

With this application you can manage autonomous enrollment schemes that allow for a simple rollout of the tool, and you will obtain an online inventory at the time, both for the devices and the software installed on them. You may install applications remotely, manage VPN accesses, Wi-Fi connections, restrictions on the device, and more. Additionally, you will be able to manage your profiles based on a calendar.


  • Remote erasure of device, selective or total
  • Control of profiles for own devices and those property of third parties.
  • Centralized management based on the cloud with administration from a single point.
  • Provision of applications, functions, and restrictions, by time and/or location
  • Visibility of devices, status, location
  • Inventory of hardware and software at the time.
  • Better support experience with remote view of equipment and remote access to computer equipment

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