As the digital environment advances and the constant proliferation of devices increases with each passing day, networks are more and more dynamic and complex to manage, this entails difficulty for IT teams to detect and contain a threat. Cisco offers extended visibility solutions, segmentation, and secure access to the network through the combination of Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise and Cisco Identity Services Engine, with this integration you will obtain a faster detection of threats, access with great security, and segmentation defined by software.


  • Enable your network as a sensor.
  • Context of users and devices connected on the network.
  • Activation of telemetry and all the network infrastructure to detect all malicious activity through automatic learning.
  • Reduction of threat detection times.
  • Threat detection capabilities in encrypted traffic.
  • Support for multiple types of data flow including NetFlow, IPFIX, and sFlow.
  • Obtain the visibility and continuous detection of necessary threats to ensure your public cloud, private network, and hybrid environments.

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