Cisco Identity Services Engine is a solution designed to provide wired, wireless, or VPN secure access to users and devices of your organization

Cisco ISE offers you a superior visibility about who accesses and what resources they access, in addition to knowing the type of devices, threats, and vulnerabilities, thanks to integral solutions of Cisco’s technological partners.


  • Centralize and unify high-security access control based on company roles to achieve a uniform network access policy for final users.
  • Obtain a better visibility and a more precise identification of devices aimed toward containing network threats.
  • Simplify the experience of guests to be able to connect them and administer them more simply
  • Streamline the BYOD model and corporate mobility with simple configurations, provisioning, and automatic management of devices.
  • Create segmentation policies based on software aimed toward containing network threats.
  • Share sophisticated contextual data with security solutions and networks of partners.

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