The switches on the cloud include functions to optimize network engineering work, from implementation to security and problem-solving.

Connext offers network switches that will keep being the essential part of any network, at any company. For this, we have layer 2 access switches and switches like core layer 3.

This equipment is prepared for WIFI6, the switches handle multigigabit ports to the AP, rolling out a network with capabilities to support the new speeds and the high density that this new standard offers. Additionally, the centralized configuration allows for deploying a network in minutes, cloning configurations and simultaneously configuring ports of different switches even if they are not part of a stack.


  • Scalability, layer 3. Creates large and resistant networks using dynamic routing protocols and hot response technology.
  • Virtual stacking. Simultaneously configure thousands of ports in independent switches and stacks physically, regardless of the location.
  • Multigigabit Ethernet. Provide the greatest yield demanded by the latest access points over the existing wiring.
  • Network topology. Supervise devices and their connections, in addition to the status of all the network in real time.
  • Company security. Protect the wired network from internal and external threats.

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