Taking the big step to the cloud with FlexPlan Collaboration

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan allows companies to benefit from one of the most simple and efficient collaboration surfaces on the market through a single subscription. This initiative helps companies in the migration to the cloud and contributes flexibility to the technology adaptation process. Thanks to this program, a company may start to use these services in the cloud while maintaining services locally. The plan also includes technical assistance so that companies have what is necessary to be able to carry out their implementation, since this has become a need in the new modality of current life.


  • Clients with “Enterprise Agreement” contract is the modality that companies may choose for a rollout of services throughout the company. With this option, companies may obtain the maximum value, enabling services for all of the employees of the organization for meetings and for calls.
  • Clients with “Active Users” contract is the way that they have to choose the organizations that they wish to purchase meetings according to use. With this plan, companies may make any person from the work team be able to do a meeting and only pay for those that they use actively.
  • Clients with “Named Users” contract is at the option needed by companies that want to provide meetings and/or services of calls to people, teams, or departments. With this solution, the contract is based on the number of people that need services to grow at their own pace.
  • Clients with “Contact Center” contract, this modality is the one needed by those companies that wish to provide call center services to agents. Organizations that choose this option are based on the number of agents that simultaneously use the services at the same time or concurrently.

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