Cisco Email Security allows you to protect corporate email against phishing attacks, spam, malware, malicious URLs, ransomware, among others.

achieving all this in On-Premise, Cloud, and hybrid environments. With Cisco Email Security you will obtain intelligence updates for threats in real time through Cisco Talos, which will ensure you robust protection.


  • Protect your corporate email both from entry and exit by implementing Anti-spam, Anti-malware, DLP, and email encryption controls.
  • Detect and contain a greater amount of threats with intelligence superior to Talos.
  • Obtain rollout flexibility with implementations on cloud, virtual, local, and/or hybrid.
  • Cisco Email Security gives you advanced protection against phishing from Cisco (CAPP).
  • Cisco Email Security provides you with training on user behavior with Cisco Security Awareness to help users work in a more intelligent and secure manner.

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