The solution for protection of the DNS Cisco Umbrella, provides the first line of defense against threats in Internet navigation without regard for location or the type of network where the users are connected.

Umbrella will provide you with a complete visibility of all the activity that is registered online in all the devices and the users, will help you to stop threats before they reach your network or final devices, as well as avoid connections to malicious sites with a broad range of personalized policies to strengthen your security online. All this from a platform based on the cloud.


  • Thanks to Cisco Umbrella, security teams will have less malware infections to resolve, and the threats will be stopped before they cause damage, which will reduce the remediation and damage costs.
  • Umbrella vs. Ransomware: Cisco Umbrella stops command and control callbacks in any port, IP, or protocol, and generates reports in real time of these activities.
  • Detailed context about all online activity from all the locations and users, a fundamental factor to respond to security incidents.
  • Flexible, rapid, and reliable cloud infrastructure

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