Currently in a disruptive digital world full of new online experiences, there is a blind spot that lies offline in our physical spaces: data without context.

Digital transformation continues to shake up industries, it is also creating mountains of data that can be the greatest source of opportunities for businesses. Being capable of identifying and recognizing data patterns is becoming crucial, especially in physical spaces.

Connext offers a solution to digitize workspaces with Cisco DNA Spaces where wireless clients will have access to enriching services based on location, which include analysis of user’s behavior, commercial information, client participation toolkits, asset management, company integrations, and location data API


  • Automatic follow-up for attendance of employees, users, and clients through programs based on location. Visibility of space utilization and occupation of meeting rooms.
  • Being able to better measure the yield of marketing campaigns, the location of the store, and the size of the store by observing increases in the client’s stay times and the frequency of the visits.
  • Understand the historical density of guests in hotels to better predict the personnel needs of the employees, acquire new loyalty members, and reduce the acquisition cost of clients.
  • In stadiums, know how many attendees are season-ticket holders and use the location data to create a directed additional-sales campaign.

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