Securely managing, linking, and resolving business situations related to network access through traditional devices, laptops and desktops, as well as nontraditional devices, tablets, smartphones, and other personal devices, is the greatest challenge of organizations.

The best way to confront it is to implement solutions that offer to combine wired networks and wireless networks in an integrated manner. Cisco Unified Access is an integral solution that links an intelligent infrastructure, security, mobility, and administration to resolve key situations in the business. Through Unified Access, businesses can provide a consistent wired or wireless access and authentication experience for their employees, helping businesses to understand in real time the factors like who, where, and with what device the user has access to the network. A single policy: first-level unified policy platform and distributed application. A single administration: allows for administration and visibility of the entire lifecycle. A single network: convergence of the wired and wireless network.


  • Centralized management based on the cloud with administration from a single point
  • Reduces the complexity of implementation and resolution of failures.
  • Access to the network anywhere and anytime.
  • Control of applications, users, and devices.
  • Guarantee of future functionality, new functions provided without difficulties from the cloud each quarter.
  • Firmware updates integrated in the web at the time.

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