The MV family brings the magic of Meraki to the world of company video security.

Very easy to implement, configure, and manage, MV provides reliable security and valuable commercial knowledge for organizations of any scale.

Evolve with Connext to a new simplified concept of security cameras in your company, leaving behind the need for a central console with administration software, centralized recording servers, and high consumption of broadband for your use.

With smart recording on the camera, encrypted and optimized, you will be able to simplify implementation of your CCTV network, and making use of the advanced search by zones, you will save more time by quickly identifying the events of interest.


  • Eliminate the use of administration and recording services, and you can even connect by Wi-Fi.
  • Smart search by zones, optimized recording, and motion alarm.
  • Integration with virtual reality for experience as if you were at the place (360 Camera)
  • Centralized management based on the cloud with administration from a single point.
  • Control of applications, users, and devices.
  • Automatic and centralized firmware updates and new functionalities.
  • Analytics: statistics on a number of people, heat maps, and advanced services through APIs.

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