What is Connext Adoption Services?

More than half of the companies that have IT services squander them due to lack of knowledge. It is time for you to know, use, and take advantage 100% of your IT solutions. Come to us, at Connext there is the division that supports you to reach “Connext Adoption Services.”

Phases Timeline

Adoption Methodology


In this phase we gather the necessary information to be able to identify the cases of relevant use for the client.


In this phase we evaluate the different publics that we are aimed toward, and identifying the functionalities of each user, and with this identify the best teaching aids, to achieve the expected business outcomes


For users to learn to use the solution purchased, we will generate different types of resources such as: In-person sessions, sessions via WebEx, recorded WebEx sessions, videos, mailing, and self-study materials on the client’s intranet (quickstart guides, etc)


In this phase execution of the “Customer Success Plan” will be carried out, for users to learn to take better advantage of their work tools, for the solution purchased


In this phase we will measure and detect problems or failures in adoption, presenting a report and guaranteeing a successful adoption, and create growth opportunities in your company.


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